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Leadership And Staff

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Service Schedule:


Class - 9:30am - Adult, Youth, and Children   

Worship - 10:30am 


Youth Hangout: 4:45pm

Free Meal - 5:45pm - Classes - 6:45pm

What you will not find here:

Here you will not find perfect sinless people. While we strive to be like Christ we understand that we are not perfect and that we all have our own faults. We only ask that you join us as we seek to live as disciples of Christ.


1396 Morningside Drive, Alice, Texas 78332

For more info please call:

Office - (361) - 664-7672

Ron Watson

Youth Minister

Dale Wilson

Lee Mcguire

What are our core values?

Truth - We value the Bible as the living Word of God and the final authority on all matters pertaining to faith and doctrine. We also acknowledge Jesus Christ as: The Son of God, the Head of the Church, and our Lord having all authority over our lives and salvation. 2 Timothy 3:16

Spiritual Growth - We value the life changing power of the gospel and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the necessity of personal discipleship and that all Christians should be growing continually in their Christian walk. Rom. 12:1-2

Community - We value the relationships of all our brothers and sisters in Christ and we believe that operating as a family of believers, who are involved in each others lives, is vital to our success in growing spiritually and numerically as a Church Body. Acts 2:42-47

The Lost - We value every lost soul and we will intentionally seek opportunities to lead them to Christ, locally and abroad. 1 Timothy 2:4

Mike Black

Preaching Minister

Dakota Brooks

What you will find here:

Here at Morningside Drive you will find a loving family of Christians who are striving to do the Lord's work and grow more into the image of Jesus Christ each day. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and the only authority on who God is and what we are supposed to do in response.