Our Vision

Our vision is to see the Church in Alice, TX continually transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. We envision a group of people growing stronger in their love for Christ as well as their resolve to continue in faithfulness and holiness. We see a Church so devoted and impacted by the truth of God’s word and the power of the Gospel that we cannot help but share it with the people around us, to the point that the church grows in such a way that it can only be explained by the power of God working through His people who are stepping out in faith. We envision this church operating with such love for one another that the world will be able to see it and know that we are true disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost through intentional evangelism and to create a maturing community of believers by continuing in the apostle’s teachings, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer. So that God will be glorified in His Church, Acts 2:42.

1396 Morningside Drive 

Alice, Texas